RIDM-Regional Institute Of Digital Marketing Striving to Educate People to Excel in Digital Marketing Industry

The demand for digital marketing and analytics is also growing, and businesses are opting to have their presence on all available digital platforms. Although the digital marketing industry is gaining tremendous consumer demand, however, there is a skill gap that remains, it is still a difficult task to find the right person who can operate these digital platforms according to industry standards. The RIDM is educating students to excel in the digital marketing space to fill in this skill gap.

Established in 2019, RIDM has an outstanding track record and is the top-ranked digital marketing training institute on a virtual platform, RIDM is one of the best digital transformation institutions in India. The key person behind the establishment and success of RIDM is the Co-Founder and Vice President, S Sendil Kumar, with a wide experience of more than 14 years in the Digital Marketing sector. He holds an expertise in Digital Marketing, Key Account Management, Sales & Marketing, Appointing and Handling Channel Partners, Relationship Management, Financial Investments and People Management.

The institution even offered their services of educating students during the ongoing pandemic, as they are a complete virtual institute, this added as an advantage and the RIDM has successfully trained students and has also provided some of the prominent placement opportunities to the students during this pandemic. S Sendil Kumar, Co-Founder and Vice President, RIDM says, “We have made it our mission at RIDM, to educate individuals to succeed in the digital marketing space, and we are passionate as well as ambitious towards our journey. For this, there are 2 core explanations, one is to ensure that organizations have a skilled and flexible workforce ,and the second is to resolve the digital skills shortage. Another purpose is to offer technical certificates to students who can foster future generations.”

The digital marketing courses offered by RIDM are Digital Marketing Professional Course, Google Ads Certification Course, and another major element that make students choose RIDM is, affordable fee structure. The unique proposition that differentiates RIDM from their competitors in the market with regards to Digital Marketing Training is that the syllabi are framed by the Industry Experts, with a curriculum that is constantly updated and is built on required and demanding skillset in the Industry.

RIDM has an outstanding track record and is the top-ranked digital marketing institute on an virtual platform and, is one of the best digital marketing training institutions in India

RIDM trainers are actual industry experts who provide simulated examples & case studies in realtime when teaching students. Sendil adds, “Constantly evolving curriculum and pedagogy are maintained in the institute to ensure that there is a very minimal gap between what is happening in the industry and what is being taught at RIDM. We offer training in small batches to give personal attention to the students. Also, at RIDM we follow a blended learning training approach.”

RIDM does peer review of the curriculum alongside, the theory sessions are framed around the practical applicability of the concepts. Regularly, the curriculum of the institute is revised by the industry experts. Even in such pandemic condition, RIDM has gained 80 percent of the growth in their revenue also, the institute is planning to launch more courses based on industry skillset requirement and wants to expand their brand aggressively in other countries in the upcoming time. In Google, RIDM was ranked 4.8/5 by their students who obtained training from this institute.