Logo Infosoft: Bridging the gap between Businesses and Enterprise Grade Solutions

Afzal Modak, DirectorDigitalization in the commerce segment has been a game-changer for every stakeholders in this space. It has given the ability to have a 24/7 market presence with seamless buying and selling methodologies to make a strong foothold in the current disruptive market. Moreover, it has been significantly aiding in data management through a digital platform where all the industry-related data can be managed effectively. Digitizing commerce is easier for large companies, but when it comes to SME Distributors, and last mile MSMEs, it is quite a challenging and burdensome process. Hence, one definite and effective way to achieve this is by transforming and simplifying the business transactions while retaining the accounting system.

Perfectly understanding the current market situation, Logo Infosoft based out of Mumbai has been on a sole mission of digitizing the commerce space by delivering best-in-class Distribution Network Management Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Goods & Services Tax (GST) Solutions, e-Invoice, and e-Reconciliation. The company has been playing a significant role in a scalable technology backbone which one can trust and similarly has been bringing its decades of experience to accelerate operational efficiency which meets the regulatory and compliance needs. Moreover, it is one of the very few companies globally with proven ability of handling more than 130 million e-Invoices annually. Thus making Logo a unique choice for enterprises who are looking for technology to support automation and GST readiness.

Logo's solutions offer a customizable and mutually complementary product family; products and services such as corporate resource management specially designed by various sizes, sectoral solutions, supply and demand chain automation, business processes design consultancy, and business intelligence solutions.

"Generating invoice requires knowledge of GST rates varying percentages for each item, while the transaction needs to be shared with the customer and uploaded in GSTN.

Hence, items in stock will change and require to
be replenished in the next purchase cycle which is commercially challenging to execute in real-time. Thus, coming to the fore, Logo Infosoft gives the required capability in the hands of MSMEs through enterprise grade solutions which can allow single or multiple people to log in simultaneously to carry out operations seamlessly. Moreover, this will robustly keep inventory, cash and compliance at a perfect watch," explains Afzal Modak, Director of the company.

Offering Top-down solution for Digitizing Transactions Flow
Logo Infosoft's DNMS (Distribution Network Management System) is a top-down solution digitizing transactions flow from large manufacturers to their distributors with sophisticated campaigns which is aimed at efficient fulfillment and eliminating claims management and disputes. It is a cloud-based offering which provides instant transactions and transparency of goods and cash across the distribution network.

"We have been focusing on sales and services of electricals, electronics, cosmetics, kitchen appliances, etc. Also, we are witnessing quite a good amount of traction in the FMCG space," highlights Afzal.

Best-in-Standard Pre-Accounting and Business Software
Logo Infosoft also has a frugal, cloud based, mobile enabled pre-accounting and business software called Vyapari which can instantly execute transactions such as purchase, sales/billing and associated inventory and payments in GST compliant way. It is a bottom-up approach which has been empowering the smallest micro SME to initiate demand led business transactions on-the-go. Its Vyapari app can drive digitalization for MSMEs in a matter of just five to fifteen minutes. Vyapari also allows collaboration with other similar businesses or one level above aggregators for sales orders and procurement.

"Digitization is a global trend where GST was a catalyst for SMEs, and Covid is an accelerator. But the problem is the lack of digital understanding, fear about data security, perception of higher costs and implementation delays. Thus, Logo Vyapari is positioned as pre-accounting business software that is frugal, deployable in five to fifteen minutes, and accessible by multiple users. It is hosted in Amazon Cloud and the data is encrypted, secured and stays in India. For larger companies, data can be stored in private cloud or on-premises, as per their preferences," explains Afzal. He also added that Logo Infosoft is all about digitizing commerce and agnostic infrastructure with the ability to use half a dozen Industry leading public or private cloud solutions.

"Globally we have many Fortune 500 and SME clients. In India, we took 18 months to localise and test the product. We have been in the market for about a year. Our sophisticated Logo DNMS product is being examined by a few and used by two FMCG clients to digitize commerce ­ one with 22 distributors, and another with 600(we have finished paid POC). Logo Vyapari is downloaded by nearly 10,000 micro SMEs, activated by over 2,000, and being used by a few hundred," concluded Afjal.

Quick Facts
Date of Establishment: 8th December 2016
Number of Employees: 28 Office Locations: Bsel Tech Park, 7th Floor, B wing, Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400709
Key Management: Afzal Modak, Director

Awards & Recognition:
• CIO Review - "20 most promising ERP solution providers ­ 2018"
• CEO Magazine - "30 innovative startups to watch ­ 2019"
• CIO Review - "Best SME Business Automation Solution Provider - 2019"