Rural Institute for Skill Empowerment: Dedicated to Bridging the Skill Gap via Empowering the Rural Population

In the globalized economy, with the rise in competition, workers are required to have higher levels of skills and knowledge which will enable them to complete their tasks efficiently to meet the required quality standards and increase the efficiency of the value chain process as a whole. Jobs are becoming increasingly skill intensive as a result of rapid technological innovations and the increasing complexity of economic activity resulting in skill shortages and hence unemployment. As a result, it is necessary to reform the training and education system in order to improve the workforce’s ability to apply and disseminate newly adopted technology. Such challenges are greater for developing countries like India.

India has experienced significant expansion, fueled by the creation of new age industries. The increase in purchasing power has resulted in a demand for a new level of service excellence. With the changing economic environment, it is critical to focus on imparting and promoting the skill sets of India’s young population, as countries with advanced and enhanced skill levels react more successfully to the opportunities and difficulties of the world of work. Despite the emphasis placed on education and training in India, there is still a shortage of trained personnel to meet the economy’s growing needs and demands.

Rise lays a strong emphasis on life skills coaching as part of the training program in order to assist employees to be successful at the workplace.

Significantly, one of the fastest flourishing Skill Enhancement Startup, aiming to empower India’s work force, with a major emphasis on unemployed youth and SHG women, to enhance their employability and entrepreneurial skills in line with current Indian industry expectations and business demand is Rural Institute for Skill Empowerment (RISE). With around 15 training centers across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, RISE offers training in the realm of hospitality, healthcare, green jobs, electronics, and telecommunications. RISE lays a strong emphasis on life skills coaching as part of the training program in order to assist employees to be successful at the workplace.

RISE was established in September 2015 by a team of talented and motivated visionaries with diverse experience backgrounds. They also bring expertise from some of the country’s best universities, such as IIM, as well as experience from diverse geographic regions, such as Asia, Australia, and America. The ability to comprehend varied business objectives, develop skills as needed to meet industry needs, and, most importantly, connect and place people in the industry is one of the strong suits of the Founding Team. Moreover, Employees are the cornerstone upon which RISE operates. Its personnel are frequently involved in and consulted on crucial business decisions. They are empowered to take decisions on the field and are constantly provided feedback on their performance. This allows them to fully own their role and deliver the required results.

Enhancing Employability Skills of Every Personnel
RISE is predominantly focused on Rural Development. Despite the fact that rural India accounts for about 70% of the country’s population, vocational training is in short supply.RISE focuses on training in rural regions, with a particular emphasis on providing meaningful wage employment within the community, in order to reduce urbanization and increase the likelihood of employees staying in their current occupations.

Kannan E, CEO adds “At RISE training methodology is crucial to differentiate its sessions and create positive impact. A successful trainer possesses insight into the Process of Learning. RISE not only provides a transformative process for personal and professional awareness, discovery, and growth, but it also provides individuals with the opportunity to uncover their blind spot, improve skills, and achieve tangible results.”

Over the years, RISE has grown multifold and carved a niche for itself. “RISE has been certified by the Government of India under the Startup India Program, owing to its best-in-class infrastructure, facilities and team.” Some of India’s prestigious Sector Skill Councils, such as the LSSSDC for Life Sciences, SCGJ for Green Jobs, TSSC for Telecom, DWSSC for Domestic Workers, THSC for Tourism & Hospitality, ASSC for Aerospace, RSDC for Rubber, SCMS for Mining, PSSC for Power, and ESSC for Electronics, have also recognized and affiliated with it. And as it forges ahead to reaching new heights, RISE intends to expand its geographic footprint beyond Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in the near future to include Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa, and Chhattisgarh. Further, it aspires to provide training and support the employment generation of over 1lakh youth by the year 2025.